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But mute swans are far from silent when defending their families and territory. Maintaining its average weight of 25 pounds requires a lot of calories, after all. Its wingspan is slightly less than its northern cousin, the California condor , but it still reaches a dramatic 9 to 10 feet. Another big bird with a foot wingspan, this Old World vulture has excellent vision to spot carrion while it flies, and a featherless head that resists the accumulation of gore when it feeds.

It also eats other birds. The largest verified wingspan on a marabou stork measured Shoebill storks may not be the tallest, heaviest, or widest-winged birds, but just look at that death stare.

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On top of having a nutcracker for a face, the 5-foot-tall shoebill leads a fearsome lifestyle. It stands absolutely still for hours to hunt prey, watching for lungfish or baby crocodiles, then spreads its wings and collapses over it while trapping the target in its bill.

Despite its exhaustively polished veneer, Downton Abbey was always a soap opera. Julian Fellowes's historical drama about a family of aristocrats and their many servants could never resist a good shocker, and it deployed plenty of them over the course of six seasons. The valet was suspected of murder twice. One of the Crawley sisters got knocked up by her older married boyfriend, who promptly went missing.

Considering all this, it should come as no surprise that fans have developed similarly wacky theories about the show. These fan theories include secret parentage, undercover spies, and, of course, poison.

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Brush up on the best of them before the Downton Abbey movie hits theaters—just in case the whole miscarriage curse comes up. This theory all comes down to eyes. As you may recall from science class, certain genes are dominant and others are recessive. This is perhaps most easily understood through eye color, where brown eye color, a dominant gene, is expressed as BB and blue eye color, a recessive gene, is expressed as bb.

A parent with brown eyes might carry the recessive blue eye gene i. Bb , but if you plot out genetic probabilities on a basic Punnett square , two blue-eyed parents with double bbs have seemingly no shot at producing a Bb baby. Now, what does any of this have to do with Downton Abbey? Both Lord and Lady Grantham have blue eyes, but their eldest daughter, Mary, has brown eyes.

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After enjoying a day of fox hunting and an evening of sparkling conversation, Kemal Pamuk drops dead The cause, it is later revealed, was a heart attack, but many viewers suspected something more sinister. In the Season 1 finale, tragedy strikes. The newly pregnant Lady Grantham slips on a bar of soap, falling onto the bathroom tiles and inducing a miscarriage. Downton Abbey invests a lot of time and effort in convincing us that John Bates, Lord Grantham's trusty, is a great guy—despite his checkered past and multiple murder allegations.

Anna had better watch out. Thanks to his job, he knows tons of important people, travels all over the world, and speaks multiple languages. Another one suggests that Gregson was a British spy gathering intel on the insurgent Nazis—and he might not have died at all. His superiors simply needed to feed Edith a lie that would discourage her from poking around, so they made up a cover story that someone who follows the news would believe.

It could also explain why Edith looks and behaves so different from her sisters. Or it could just be a sign that Rosamund cares about her niece. But that means he would theoretically be 18 in the fall of , which is exactly when World War II broke out in Europe.

He would almost certainly enlist, as show creator Julian Fellowes himself has suggested. The Crawleys spend much of Downton Abbey fretting about the future management of their estate—partially because Lord Grantham is kind of bad at it. My own belief is that the Crawleys would still be there. Gladys Denker is a maid to the Dowager Countess. Septimus Spratt is her butler.

BY Valerie DeBenedette. Wikimedia Commons. Subscribe to our Newsletter! BY Kat Long. Animals birds nature News. BY Kristin Hunt. Jim Carter as Mr. Carson in Downton Abbey Thomas Barrow poisoned Kemal Pamuk. Bates is actually a bad guy. Focus Features. They are much better than Harry Potter, but on the same type of lines I was one of those who grew up with the enchanting movie version of the Wizard of Oz. In elementary school, I learned that there was a book version, and being very "into" fantasy at the time, I determined to read it.

Imagine my surprise when the ruby slippers were actually silver, the Emerald City looked literally emerald, and the Wicked Witch of the West not only wasn't green, she had an eye patch! The differences, however, between the movie and the book fascinated me. I loved the little town of china and the red country of the Quadlings. Although I think the movie was very well adapted, I think the book is one of the most imaginative I've read. I highly recommend it Please submit a quiz here. Here is where you find links to related content on this site or other sites, possibly including full books or essays about L.

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