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He is the first known poet and this the first known poem in English. Inspired Denise Levertov's " Caedmon " Middle English The Owl and the Nightingale , an amusing verse debate probably written by Nicholas of Guildford about this time. Lyrics from British Library Harley , including " Alysoun " and " Lenten ys come with love to toune.

Births John Gower? John Wyclif translates the Bible? Chaucer 's " Troilus and Criseyde " ca. Sir Launfal , by Thomas Chestre. Deaths James I of Scotland , killed. Renaissance William Dunbar 's poems are published in Edinburgh. Deaths William Dunbar? Births Henry Howard , earl of Surrey ca. Births Elizabeth Tudor , later Elizabeth I.

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Births Thomas Sackville , 1st earl of Dorset ca. Deaths Sir Thomas Wyatt , on Oct. Lorde Henry Haward The Mirror of Magistrates , with 20 tragic tales; enlarged repeatedly until Births Christopher Marlowe , baptized on Feb. Births John Marston? Births Thomas Ford? Deaths John Heywood? Births George Wither ; John Wilson. Peter's Complaint, with Other Poems. Deaths Robert Southwell , hanged, drawn, and quartered at Tyburn and canonized in Deaths Edmund Spenser , on Jan. Deaths Thomas Sackville , 1st earl of Dorset. A Response to Shaxper's Sonnet " , and W. Eliot's "Ash Wednesday" Touchstone poems John Donne's " Good Friday, Driving Westward" Births Margaret Cavendish, duchess of Newcastle ca.

Deaths Thomas Bateson ; Stephen Gosson. Births Katherine Philips ; Nathaniel Crouch? Deaths George Herbert , age 40; Anthony Munday.

A Timeline of Poetry in English | Representative Poetry Online

Touchstone poems John Donne's " The Flea " probably composed ca. John Milton 's " Comus " performed in Ludlow. Births Sir George Etherege? Deaths Sir Robert Aytoun? Births Aphra Behn? Births Charles Sackville, earl of Dorset. Deaths Francis Quarles ; George Sandys.

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Births John Wilmot, earl of Rochester. Births Thomas D'Urfey? Births Lady Mary Chudleigh. Births Daniel Defoe? Births Anne Finch , countess of Winchilsea. Deaths Katherine Philips , of smallpox.

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Deaths James Shirley ; Thomas Vaughan. Augustans Abraham Cowley". Births John Winstanley? Deaths Andrew Marvell , of medical treatment.

A Timeline of Poetry in English

Deaths John Bunyan ; Thomas Flatman. Births James Bramston? Births Robert Blair ; Leonard Howard? Births Henry Brooke? First copyright law in England. Deaths Lady Mary Chudleigh. Deaths Thomas Parnell ; Nicholas Rowe.

Deaths Anne Finch , countess of Winchilsea. Births John Cunningham? Pope: Concerning the Authors of the Age. Deaths Thomas Tickell ; Thomas Foxton. Births Henrietta Battier?

Jane Turell

Births Joseph Fawcett? Touchstone poems Christopher Smart's " Jubilate Agno " ca. Births Joanna Baillie; James Bisset? Deaths Augustus Montagu Toplady. II of Mr John Newton" Romantics Births Ebenezer Elliott ; Lucy Aikin. II, John's at Nevis. Births R. Deaths Gilbert White ; John Oakman. Births Maria Gowen Brooks? Fearful Symmetry" and A. Ramanujan's "Zoo Gardens Revisited" Eastburn US.

Births A. Present-day English present. Chapman US. Hewitt US.

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Linton US. John H. Whitney US.