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Progress towards more widespread applications of means of improving fuel efficiency has been impeded by the lack of a coherent explanation of the mechanism of action.

Fuel combustion allows for the conversion of much of the available chemical energy in volatile hydrocarbons to mechanical energy, which moves the pistons within an engine. It is proposed that the amount of chemical energy in hydrocarbons can be increased by the absorption of an environmental force termed KELEA kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction. In addition to providing greater mechanical energy with relatively less heat output, the combustion of KELEA activated fuels proceeds further with less toxic emissions of carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons from incomplete combustion.

KELEA activation of fuels should become standard practice in the transportation industry, with potential additional benefits in slowing the rate of global warming. Related Articles:.

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Enzymes As a veterinary technician, students learn about enzymes to help a dog that has been eating normally but is losing a lot of weight. The most familiar such pattern is the diurnal temperature variation.

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Such a cycle may be approximately sinusoidal , or include components of a truncated sinusoid due to the Sun's rising and setting and thermal relaxation Newton cooling at night. Diurnal cycles of environmental conditions light or temperature can result in similar cycles in dependent biological processes, such as photosynthesis in plants, [2] or clinical depression in humans.


A semi-diurnal cycle refers to a pattern that occurs about every twelve hours or about twice a day. Often these can be related to lunar tides , in which case the interval is closer to 12 hours and 25 minutes.

pierreducalvet.ca/39461.php From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. External and internal factors responsible for midday depression of photosynthesis.