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The Origin of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Laugh – /Film

Be in the fucking trailer working. Then get frustrated with the texting. Go just fucking call. So right? Todd Phillips: But it was a great process for us. Joaquin Phoenix: It was…it was inspiring. And so whatever you put into it, it kind of gave you so much back, right? Joaquin Phoenix: Well really, do you remember that I basically I auditioned myself?

Joaquin Phoenix: I had you come over to audition the laugh. Joaquin Phoenix: So he showed me some videos. Of some laughs. And he — in the script it described the laugh being almost painful.

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark

And I thought that was a really interesting way to describe laughter. I tried.

Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Songs on His 70th Birthday

And it was really uncomfortable. Joaquin Phoenix: Yeah. So…so we did. Todd Phillips: And for him to summon it on the day of the shooting was always different and sometimes he would need time to do it honestly. But the affliction laugh I think was probably hard to muster up, so there were times on set where he would be a little bit pacing.

Todd Phillips: We researched it. Some people cry from this. And some people laugh. And what we discovered was it happens from head trauma as a young person. Or even older.


And it happens from M. So we went with this head trauma thing and yeah, I mean, the movie in every way tries to be grounded in reality as much as possible. And it still has a foot in the comic book world for sure. Like, why does he have a white face? And that was one for the laugh. So yeah, we researched it and does that make sense? When she comes home to put her final wages away she finds the tin is empty; she goes next door to report the theft to Bill and Linda, only to hear Linda discussing how Bill has brought home their safe deposit box to count their savings.

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Knowing that Bill was broke and that the money he is counting must be hers, she confronts him and attempts to take the money back. He draws a gun on her, and in a struggle he is wounded. Linda runs off to tell the police at Bill's command. Bill then begs Selma to take his life, telling her that this will be the only way she will ever reclaim the money that he stole from her. Selma shoots at him several times, but due to her blindness manages to only maim Bill further. Selma slips into a trance and imagines that Bill's corpse stands up and slow dances with her, urging her to run to freedom.

She does, and takes the money to the Institute for the Blind to pay for her son's operation before the police can take it from her. Selma is caught and eventually put on trial. It is here that she is pegged as a Communist sympathizer and murderess. Although she tells as much truth about the situation as she can, she refuses to reveal Bill's secret, saying that she had promised not to.

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Additionally, when her claim that the reason she didn't have any money was because she had been sending it to her father in Czechoslovakia is proven false, she is convicted and given the death penalty. Cvalda and Jeff eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together and get back Selma's money, using it instead to pay for a trial lawyer who can free her. Selma becomes furious and refuses the lawyer, opting to face the death penalty rather than let her son go blind, but she is deeply distraught as she awaits her death. Although a sympathetic female prison guard named Brenda tries to comfort her, the other state officials are eager to see her executed.

Brenda encourages Selma to walk. On the gallows, she becomes terrified, so that she must be strapped to a collapse board. Her hysteria when the hood is placed over her face delays the execution. Selma begins crying hysterically and Brenda cries with her, but Cvalda rushes to inform her that the operation was successful and that Gene will see.

Relieved, Selma sings the final song on the gallows with no musical accompaniment, although she is hanged before she finishes. Much of the film has a similar look to von Trier's earlier Dogme 95 -influenced films: it is filmed on low-end, hand-held digital cameras to create a documentary-style appearance. It is not a true Dogme 95 film, however, because the Dogme rules stipulate that violence, non-diegetic music , and period pieces are not permitted.

Trier differentiates the musical sequences from the rest of the film by using static cameras and by brightening the colours. Deneuve and others have described her performance as feeling rather than acting. The musical sequences were filmed simultaneously with over digital cameras so that multiple angles of the performance could be captured and cut together later, thus shortening the filming schedule. When i turned the director down repeatedly he sulked and punished me and created for his team an impressive net of illusion where i was framed as the difficult one.

That woman was stronger than both Lars von Trier and me and our company put together. This time is different. Over the last 30 years the Dancer in the Dark project is the one and only time she has fallen out with a collaborator.

Reaction to Dancer in the Dark was polarized. The film was praised for its stylistic innovations. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times stated: "It smashes down the walls of habit that surround so many movies. It returns to the wellsprings. It is a bold, reckless gesture. Jonathan Foreman of the New York Post described the film as "meretricious fakery" and called it "so unrelenting in its manipulative sentimentality that, if it had been made by an American and shot in a more conventional manner, it would be seen as a bad joke.

Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen song)

This poll has been going since , and has become the most recognised poll of its kind in the world. Frisch commented: "A superbly imaginative film that leaves conformity in shambles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Danish musical drama film. For other uses, see Dancer in the Dark disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. December See also: Selmasongs.

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